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Selling Your Home in Ft. Lauderdale

In today's real estate marketplace, there is one undisputable fact. There are more homes and condominiums for sale than there are buyers. When selling your home, I must ask you, "what is your motivation?". If you had previously purchased your property with the expectation of flipping and making a killing, this may not be the right time for you to sell unless you are trying to avoid a financial delema. If you have owned your home for three to five years and have decided to move out of the area, setting your sales price should be a well thought-out decision. Youíve decided to put your house on the market and make that big move. Here are some tips on making your house show better to prospective buyers.

We are all notorious for our decorative flair. . . painting walls bold colors and collecting statues, paintings, photos and knickknacks. An unsuspecting buyer might think that they had just walked into a museum or a trendy boutique rather than someones home. Some homes are so cluttered from years of being a packrat that it is next to impossible to see how much space is actually there for all of the stuff. Your Real Estate agent shouldnít have to clear a path as they show your home.

Homes that are uncluttered and are painted neutral colors show better and give the appearance that they are larger than they actually are. If you are serious about selling your home and donít want to waste your time showing your place over and over again to no avail, I suggest a serious makeover.

Think of your taste in decorating in terms of ones' taste in ice cream. Some people like pistachio. Although, pistachio is mighty tasty, there are more people who will settle for vanilla than pistachio. If your taste for decorating is pistachio, there will be a few buyers who will fall in love with what you have done. The majority will pass and would have been attracted to your home if you would have toned it down a bit.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way toward sprucing up your home. Select neutral colors like white, off-white or light beige. I know what youíre thinking. How vanilla! But trust me on this one! Secondly, go through every room and start packing up those stacks of outdated PEOPLE magazines, travel guides and newspapers and throw them into the recycle bin. It may be a good time to hide anything that might be of a extreme personal nature. Itís also a good idea to go through your closets and start donating unused clothing to your favorite charity. By emptying half of your closet space, your closets will have the appearance of being more spacious than they really are.

Buyers have a hard time imagining living in a house full of your stuff. They want to be able to imagine living in their new home filled with their stuff.

It's a scientific fact that people who own pets tend to live longer. It's also a fact that people who don't own pets will pick up on the smell of your babies the second they walk through your door. Even that little accident that Chopper made on your living room floor that you thought you thoroughly steamed out of your carpet may carry a lingering odor. And you know that litter box that you keep under the bathroom sink? Bingo! Very unpleasant to a non-cat owner.

When preparing to show your home to a prospective buyer, it's a good idea to spray the place down with room deodorizer and burn scented candles when possible to mask any telltale smells. I know that you've become accustomed to those familiar odors (of course, it's your home), but you don't want to run the risk of turning off a buyer over something that's so easily remedied.

If you intend on staying in your house until it sells, donít go manic on us. You want your house to look lived in. Just keep it clean, uncluttered and neutral.

Lastly, consider allowing your Real Estate agent to place an electronic lockbox on your house. The lockbox contains the keys to your home and allows for easier access to agents who want to show your house. By making your home more accessible, you are increasing the likelihood that a prospective buyer will see your home and fall in love with it.

What buyers are looking for

By Marshall Loeb
Posted January 21 2007

Selling a home is never easy, but in this housing market it's going to be even more difficult. All is not lost, however. There are ways to make your home more appealing to buyers, which could result in a faster sale. Many homeowners make improvements before putting their home on the market; the key is in doing them the right way.

Mark Nash, author of Real Estate A-Z for Buying and Selling a Home and 1,001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home, says that sellers in 2007 should consider the trends that are going to be popular with home buyers this year. After surveying 923 real estate agents, Nash has the following eight suggestions for making your home attractive to buyers:

If you're redoing a kitchen or bathroom, consider using glass tiles instead of ceramic ones. They're gaining popularity again because of reflective qualities.

Avoid installing a bowl-shaped above-the-counter bathroom sink. They look pretty, but have proven to be harder to maintain and keep clean.

Use engineered stone compound for kitchen countertops. The material is less expensive than granite and is expected to be the latest trend this year.

Don't install too many glass cabinet doors in your kitchen. They look better in magazines than they do in real life -- where homeowners must keep their cabinets in perfect order or suffer embarrassment.

Consider replacing a wood or chain link fence with a wrought-iron one on your property. Wrought-iron fences portray a look of luxury.

When repainting trim for shutters, doors and window frames, go with bold and deep colors. And don't get rid of the trim around interior window openings -- it only looks cheap.

If replacing floors, avoid bamboo wood. This flooring was popular when it debuted, but now users are saying that it is easily dented and scratched. It is also more likely to warp because of weather and humidity.

If you're adding new construction, don't employ concrete blocks in exterior walls. They are not attractive and are more likely to leak moisture if not properly installed.

Reprinted with permission from Sun-Sentinel. By Marshall Loeb.


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